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4:28 PM 6/10/2020 - The Two-prong Hypothesis Of Covid-19 Epidemics: Community Transmission plus Air Travel.

Image ____________________________________________________________________________ The Two-prong Hypothesis Of Covid-19 Epidemics origins: preexisting Community Transmission due to infected rodents and the Multiple Waves Spread by air travelers . The emerging pattern of Covid-19 Epidemics: the waves of multiple separate importations by air travels, possibly superimposed on the preexisting but previously undetected sustained community transmission, which possibly was based on the intentionally infected pigs and rodents as the source, with the possible co-infections of Hantavirus (SEOV) and African Swine Fever. This community based transmission might have been deliberately introduced for some time, possibly in 2014 - 2019. Michael Novakhov 4:28 PM 6/10/2020 ________________________________________________________________________ Michael Novakhov @mikenov Munich's Oktoberf