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3:56 PM 7/16/2020 - The Hades Syndrome

3:56 PM 7/16/2020 _____________________________________________________________ The Hades Syndrome  is the mechanism of infection and death: "COVID-19 cytokine storm: the interplay between inflammation and coagulation" .  It is the pathogenetic mechanism of acute and often lethal states, the same in both the Covid-19, presumably the Coronavirus Infection, and in the Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers  (VHF), such as Ebola, Dengue, West Nile, and others.  There might be 2, 3, or several co-infections.  It appears to be the central and the most dangerous clinical syndrome, of which there might be several in the clinical picture of the Disease X-19. It is confirmed by the pathoanatomical studies .  Hypothetically, Disease X-19 may be viewed as a type of VHF .   M.N. | 3:56 PM 7/16/2020  "The reasons are to be found in the very nature of human Coronaviruses , which are “ all are kno