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10:01 AM 5/13/2020 - The Oktoberfest Hypothesis of the Covid-19 Pandemic's start and origins

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11:24 AM 6/14/2020 - Disease X-19 - Selected Links - Updated - 6.14.20

Michael Novakhov - SharedNewsLinks: Analysis of COVID-19 autopsies reveals many new details about this disease. | While many hypotheses already exist, a well-accepted consensus on the cause of the clotting disorders remains elusive to date.

4:07 PM 5/28/2020 - This is a fantasy: "lack of the restaurant leftovers". The real reason is that #RATS ARE INFECTED WITH #HANTERVIRUS & POSSIBLY #CORONAVIRUS & TRANSMIT THESE #INFECTIONS TO HUMANS, JUST LIKE THEY DID FOR ALL HUMAN HISTORY. Do not fantasize, address the issue!

10:14 AM 5/28/2020 - Covid-19 and infected pork: Maybe, the answer is the INFECTED PORK: Hantavirus? Coronavirus? Co-infection? Other? Are the infected rats and pigs the silent asymptomatic carriers and the super-spreaders of Covid-19?

7:42 PM 5/29/2020 - M.N.: The underlying pathophysiological mechanism in Hantavirus Infection and in "Covid-19" as reported by the Mt. Sinai pathologists, appears to be the same: "conspicuous hemophagocytosis and a secondary hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis-like syndrome". Considering that the clinical picture is practically or mostly the same, the hypothesis can be established. that the so called "Covid-19" and the Hantavirus Infection (Seoul Virus in the cited research but most likely other types also) is the one and the same pathological condition. To put it briefly, the so called "Covid-19" or more correctly Disease X 2019 appears to be the weaponized Hantavirus Infection, possibly the Seoul or Andes types or others. - Michael Novakhov

10:52 AM 6/20/2020 - Beijing coronavirus second wave spreading 'similar to Wuhan' as bug rips via filthy seafood market, specialists warn

12:08 PM 6/12/2020 - TWEETS BY MIKENOV